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Our mission is to bring hope in as many ways possible while still being cool.


Art Direction, Design, Graphic


Dante Bowe




Discover how we helped launch Dante Bowe onto visual dominance in the music industry. The Goonked team takes a fresh approach at what it looks like to take on the world as an artist in a industry that only covers 1% of the worlds music. From "Son of A Father" to "Circles" we have been themasterminds behind everything Dante Bowe.

Dante has been one of the fastest growing artists becoming a record breaking artist on both the Gospel & CCM side of music. Releasing only 2 albums but shaking radio and headlines everywhere he turns.

What we've done

1. Strategic Artwork Design

2. Music Video Production

3. Social Content Capture & Edit

4. Custom Typography & Typeface

5. Magazine Shoot Photography

6. Rollout Strategy

Dante Bowe always had vision in what his brand needed, we took what he gave us as foundation and came up with a master plan to break the industry. From all sides of visual arts we've bullied our way into making a statement with everything we created, releasing compelling artwork alongside a fresh take on music videos - something that has not been done up until this point. We have brought in mainstream culture and invited those who feel they needed more relatable, emotional, raw & fresh take on all things creative for an artist. Over the past couple of years we have been able to increase all areas of digital distrubution and content creation to deliver compelling, quality & creative results from design companies such as ours. Bringing followers up by 400% and being able to market sales through what we do to a point of record breaking rankings on billboards and iTunes charts.

What we have done here is create a fresh identity from the ground up to represent Dante Bowe the best way possible. As a rapidly growing artist keeping the attention of those who follow Dante is very impotant and we have made sure that we do this by capturing and having well documented moments of the journey. Filming crucial material for album and single releases to explode onto any and all headlines.

Level asked as to help

— Take their product look to the next level

— Build brand identity

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the material

— Provide visual framework for music videos and other releases

— Create fresh material for social and documentary purposes

— Improve visual look via photography

— Cultivate a safe and loving enviornment in all areas Dante Bowe

Music Videos