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Chandler Moore

Chandler Moore needed assistance with consistent music videos and a look and feel to match releases.


Logo, User Interface






See how we have helped Chandler Moore create a stamp on the industry in his own way with his very first EP. Chandler has been a force to be reckoned with in the Gospel industry. Through his music and amazing personality he has been able to collaborate with artists like Justin Bieber and the Maverick City Music Collective. You will see how we have taken a strategic approach to the release of fealings, as it is an emotion and fully invested album that opens up to conversations of vulnerability and uncomfortable moemnts in life.

Chandler has shattered into mainstream music. Releasing only 1 ep so far he has been able to absolutely invade the industry with Maverick City Music and create music that will be sang by churches and gathers all over the world.

What we've done

1. Strategic Artwork Design

2. Music Video Production

3. Branding

We've got work to do

Chandler Moore needed help bringing his music to life with original music videos that embody every lyric sang. With such a tight turnaround a tight budget we were able to give this project quality material at low costs.

With this being his first EP visual consistency was important so we made sure that this was our main focus when creating, directing and filming for this release.

Level asked as to help

— Create consistent look

— Fully record music videos

— Match the brand and emotional space of the EP

— Create hyperlapse material & capture BTS content

Music Videos